Meet the Grey Wolf team

Dr. Ian Sandler

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ian Sandler, founder of Grey Wolf, is a practicing veterinarian in downtown Toronto. His clients (like yours?) often consult Dr. Google before their appointment. Being a practicing vet keeps Ian connected with the underserved needs of vet clinics across Canada.

Angela Cechetto


With over 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Angela brings a wealth of experience to the team. When’s she’s not leading the Grey Wolf pack, you will find her traveling the world or sitting in a café enjoying good food and a great book.

Tom Branton

President, VHS

Serving clients and colleagues, Tom is constantly thinking outside the box and sometimes, landing inside the fairway.

Murray Roach

Vice President, Sales

While Murray has spent the last twenty-five plus years in the pharmaceutical world he considers joining Grey Wolf a return to his roots. He was born and raised on a farm in Saskatchewan and still returns to the family farm every summer. He describes himself as being just as comfortable in jeans and cowboy boots as he is in a business suit.

Katrina Matuch

Director of Sales & Marketing, Cannabis

With a background in advertising, Katrina has experience managing brands across a number of categories in healthcare. In her spare time, you’ll find her walking her Great Dane (or her Great Dane walking her).