Wound care


by Advancis Veterinary
Super absorbent dressing with soft silicone contact layer

Eclypse Adherent is a super absorbent dressing with CrystaLock™ technology, a non-strikethrough backing and a soft silicone contact layer. The CrystaLock™ layer absorbs exudate and locks it within the dressing to prevent leakage. Infection causing bacteria that can stall wound healing is also locked away with the exudate.

  • Atraumatic soft silicone wound contact layer
  • Rapid absorption
  • High capacity absorption
  • Fluid repellent backing
  • Strength and durability
  • Stay dry technology
  • Thin and conformable
  • Single dressing – no patchwork (cannot be cut)

Available in 10cm x 10cm dressing

Tip: The soft silicone wound contact layer allows Eclypse Adherent to be placed onto the patient while a bandage is applied for retention.