Grey Wolf Animal Health

If you’ve ever given a fractious pet a bitter pill, we feel your pain.

If you’ve had your years of veterinary education trumped by dog-park advice, we’ve been there.

And if you’ve ever asked “Why can’t my clinic have more options?”, you’re not alone.

Grey Wolf Animal Health is a specialty animal health company focused on improving the lives and well-being of vets and pets in Canada. Backed by a veterinarian’s perspective, we’re here to meet the underserved needs of vets, pets and clinics across Canada with pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and consumables. And that’s only the beginning.

The good scout commitment

We’re proudly Canadian and committed to making a positive impact on the country, communities and clinics we serve. We support organizations who share the same philosophy and commitment as Grey Wolf. We strive to support the protection and conservation of our land and the species who call Canada home. And we endeavour to focus on continuous improvement while minimizing our environmental impact.