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5 Tips for Calming a Pet with Firework Phobia

With the holiday coming up, we can surely expect to see, or at least hear some fireworks. We may enjoy a good fireworks show, but our pets are often left scared, anxious, and hiding under the bed or in the closet. Here are some tips for keeping your pet safe and sound during firework season:
  • Stay indoors. Keeping your pet inside during fireworks will reduce their exposure to loud noises, and prevent them from getting scared and running away.
  • Distract your pet. Distract your pet with other sounds such as calming music, or the sound of the television. Other ways to distract your pet from what’s going on outside is with their favourite treats, toys, and activities.
  • Be calm. Staying calm yourself can go a long way with easing anxiety in your pet. Avoid loud exclamations or sudden movements. Sit quietly with your pet and snuggle away!
  • Invest in a pressure wrap or shirt. Just like a weighted blanket for humans, a snug-fitting shirt can apply sustained, comforting pressure to your pet’s torso. We recommend the MPS – Medical Pet Shirt® to help reduce stress, fear and uncertainty due to the snug fit. For more info, check out:
  • Talk to your vet about calming medications. If you know your pet is upset by fireworks, talk to your vet about the medications available to help treat firework phobia. There are pheromones, melatonin, and prescription medications that may help your pet in times of stress. Your vet will know best which option is suitable for your pet, so inquire on your next visit!