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5 Tips for Minimizing Stress this Fall

greywolf 5-tips-for-minimizing-stress-fall
We’re all feeling stressed about the upcoming months, and our pets feel stress too!
Over the past 6 months, a record-breaking number of Canadians have added pets to their families – which means many pets at home that are faced with a dramatic change in routine causing stress and anxiety. With everyone returning to work or school, pets will surely feel the change to their daily routine. Here are 5 tips for minimizing stress this fall:
Decide on a routine that includes the pets. Set aside some time in the morning and the evening specifically for the pets. Feeding, walks, and playtime should all be scheduled around the same time each day. Your pet will feel comforted that he’s part of the routine and won’t feel he’s being forgotten in the chaos of a busy day. Keep them entertained. If you have the option of daycare or a dog walker, that’s great! If your pet is at home alone during the day, a quiet house can feel strange, especially after the summer months. Try leaving on the TV or radio at a low volume, as your pet may be comforted by soothing music or the sound of human voices. Treat them to a new toy. With a lack of activity, pets can get bored and sometimes destructive. Treat your pet to a new toy that can keep them occupied when they don’t have someone to play with. Rotate a selection of safe toys that will keep your pet occupied. Beware of backpack dangers. If you’re a parent, you know kids like to leave their backpacks all around the house. We know you don’t love this, but your pets do! Pets are often snooping in our bags to look for anything that could serve as a new toy or treat. A child’s backpack is often filled with potential poisons to pets. For example: crayons and coloured pencils, gum, grapes and raisins, cold packs used to keep lunches cold, and inhalers and medications. Be mindful to keep backpacks away from pets so they’re not tempted to snoop around. Be prepared for GI upset before it happens. Stress in pets often presents as gastrointestinal upset. Be proactively prepared for GI upset before it happens with the Grey Wolf Animal Health +GI Portfolio, which contains four key products to provide peace of mind and safe, supportive therapy until you can see your veterinarian. Ask your veterinarian about how having Grey Wolf’s +GI Portfolio on hand can reduce your stress and eliminate an unnecessary trip to the clinic, getting your pet back on their paws, sooner.
Follow these steps to minimize stress for you and your pets this fall!