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Tick Season is Here – Protect Your Pets

Ticks are not just annoying little creatures, but they’re actually quite dangerous as they have the ability to spread disease. It’s tick season, and for pet parents, tick prevention should be top of mind. Here are a few tips for preventing ticks on your pet:
  • Perform a “tick check” on your pet daily, especially following outdoor excursions. A tick’s favourite place to attach is your pet’s head, neck, and ears, so pay close attention to these areas.
  • Learn how to remove an embedded tick. It’s important to remove ticks promptly and properly. Always wear gloves, and consider saving any ticks you remove in a sealed container filled with isopropyl alcohol, to show your veterinarian should your pet become ill. Ask your vet for a tick remover tool on your next visit.
  • Exercise caution when walking in heavily wooded areas, parks, or fields with long grass. These areas make great homes to ticks awaiting their next meal. Plan your walking routes ahead of time to avoid dangerous areas.
  • Don’t be fooled – it doesn’t have to be hot outside for ticks to be active. Ticks go dormant in the winter, but as soon as temperatures warm above 0 degrees Celsius, they wake up and start looking for a meal.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about the best tick prevention options for your pet.